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Your adrenalin hub at the Atlantic Ocean in Namibia!
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Desert meets Ocean
Unique Desert landscapes and world heritage site
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Incredible desert wildlife
Meet the small five of the oldest desert in the World!
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Welcome to Destination Swakopmund!

All in one – Destination Swakopmund the hub at the Namibia coast from where you can visit many surrounding attractions, landmarks and enjoy plenty of adventurous activities. Qualify for discounted rates the longer you stay.

As Namibia’s most sought-after holiday destination, Swakopmund, has in recent years become the main tourist hub of the country. No longer the sleepy village at the edge of the cold misty coastline, Swakopmund is now fast becoming the business and incentive travel capital of the Southern African region.  The recently completed Walvis Bay International airport just 40 minutes drive away, makes travel direct to Swakopmund quicker and easier than ever before.

Situated centrally along the Atlantic coastline of Namibia, Swakopmund is the main town through which all tourists travelling in Namibia have to pass. The town links travel routes from Etosha in the North, Windhoek in the East and Sossusvlei in the south, and for decades has served travelers by providing a variety of upmarket accommodation establishments, unique desert activities & experiences, shopping and sightseeing opportunities not available along the long and winding travel routes that crisscross this vast country.

Namibia is recognized globally as one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, and in 2014 was voted the “fastest growing tourism destination in the world”. Namibia remains an African destination of choice, offering travellers not only value for money but safety as well as a sense of awe and inspiration. Tourists are provided with high levels of hospitality, pristine natural environments (protected by law) and a sense of safety not available in many destinations of the world today.

Namibia is regularly featured on top 10 destination lists in various media. Not only is Namibia desirable as a picturesque destination with boundless natural beauty but travelling to Namibia is affordable, safe and provides a vast array of different travel experiences

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