Living Desert Adventures Swakopmund, Namibia
Listing Type : Tours
Location : SwakopmundCBD
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Telephone : +264 64 405 070
Activity Type 1 : Day Tour
Activity Type 2 : Beach Drives
Opening Hours
  • Monday :08:00-13:00
  • Tuesday :08:00-13:00
  • Wednesday :08:00-13:00
  • Thursday :08:00-13:00
  • Friday :08:00-13:00
  • Saturday :08:00-13:00
  • Sunday :Closed

Our Living Desert Tour is a unique 4×4 adventure which specialises in bringing the desert to life while sharing the awesome beauty of the Namib Desert with travelers from all over the world. The coastal dune belt may seem barren and lifeless to many people, but in fact it is alive with a fascinating variety of little desert adapted animals, which are able to survive on the life-giving fog which consistently rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Come see the Dancing White Lady Spider (Carparachne aureoflava) cartwheel 44 turns per second down a dune to escape the enemy. Admire the transparent Namib Dune Gecko (Pachydactylus rangei) with webbed feet that are used to walk and dig in soft dune sand and are the equivalent to snow shoes in colder areas.

Learn about the different beetles and insects and how they survive in the dune desert. Follow in the tracks of a legless Lizard (Fitsimmon’s Burrowing Skink), observe Sand Diving Lizards (Meroles Anchieta) dancing on the hot sand, Sidewinder Snakes (Perinquey’s Adder), Desert Chameleons and many more fascinating creatures. Learn about the geology, structure and formation of the desert, and admire the vast and beautiful landscapes while enjoying a scenic dune drive combined with fun and adrenalin.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the desert alive and close up.

TIPS for living desert tour

  • Have a good breakfast at your Guest house before the tour (breakfast and lunch is not included)
  • Soft drinks and water are included on the tour
  • Dress warmly if it is cold, remember a hat, sun block and sunglasses
  • Walking shoes or Sandals are fine and you can walk barefoot if the sand is not too hot
  • Remember your camera and a macro lens if you have one – pocket cameras have a macro lens built in already. A top end cell phone such as I phone 6 or Samsung S7 also work well.
  • Please take note of our group size – we start with a minimum of 2 people and have a maximum of 20 people on a tour. Our team consists of 3 guides.
  • And remember you are on holiday because life has meaning and each day is special including this one
  • Please have a look at the web site for more info


  • Should you want to cancel this tour then please let us know well in advance so that we can sell your seat to somebody else.
  • A last minute cancellation, no show on day of tour, or incorrect booking from your side will result in 100% cancellation fees.
  • A cancellation on the day of the tour due to sickness is 100% cancellation fees.
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