We at Destination Swakopmund are delighted that you have shown interest in our project and that you have indicated that you would like to become a proud partner. Destination Swakopmund is a project which was developed to aggressively grow, develop and market Swakopmund as an “All-in-One” tourist destination. Our goals are to (1) to position Swakopmund as an attractive and aspirational destination to both international and local tourists; (2) to ensure that we attract tourists to our town during off-peak periods and for longer stays; and (3) to provide reduced rates through special deals to tourists who visit Swakopmund for longer periods during off-peak seasons. We aim to create a more even spread of business for our tourism partners throughout the year, which will create more benefit to the town and its community overall. Furthermore, the idea is to make people more aware of what Swakopmund and surroundings has to offer and provide a platform where guests can find out where to stay, where to eat and what to do. Swakopmund is the Activity, Adventure and conference hub of Namibia, it has a stunning coastline, magnificent desert landscapes and offers comfortable accommodation, amazing cuisine as well as breath taking venues. All of this has to be exposed and marketed to possible clients and partners, to make them aware of these products and possibilities, as well as give them a platform where they can book and get hold of their ultimate experience. As a large group of businesses/partners standing together, this is much easier to achieve and possibilities are much greater, as we are combining the experience, knowledge, know-how and creativeness of so many different people into one single combined goal – more exposure of Swakopmund and in the end more visitors to Swakopmund, resulting in more business for everyone. All-In-One Destination Swakopmund is being marketed as follows:

  • Through our website destination-swakopmund.com where you will have your own listing for your business
  • Through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/destinationswakopmund
  • Via the Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/destination.swakopmund/
  • Representation at B2B & consumer trade shows in the SADC region
  • International trade shows in Europe, America, Asia
  • Regular Newsletter sent out to database
  • Let’s Network Events (promoting Networking and creating opportunities)
  • Targeted marketing on Facebook
  • Competitions, Events and Fundraisers initiated by DEST SWK
  • Educational’s and Media coverage organised by DEST SWK to entice more bookings
  • Packaging of products and distributing them to be sold to clients
  • All other marketing efforts

Our Destination Swakopmund teams is professional, passionate and highly skilled in marketing to the tourism industry both locally and internationally and are embarking and new and innovative ways to assist our partners in reaching their ultimate target market. All reservations will be driven through our website, www.destination-swakopmund.com, which means that you have a measurable return on your investment. We ask for an annual contribution of N$ 2500.00 for your business to become a member. The annual cost for becoming a partner with Destination Swakopmund is relatively small if you consider the professional quality marketing services you will be associated with; for instance the participation in the International Trade Fairs is valued at around NS450 000.00 alone and the exposure in the print & social media is equated to the same value. Have a look at either the Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre or the Beach Lodge listings on the website and click on the “Low Season Specials” tab to see how they are selling the long stays. To see an example of specials offered by an Activity Operator have a look at Charly’s Desert Tours listing. All-In-One Destination Swakopmund is an association with members and it is run by the Board of Trustees. Feedback on activities and finances will be provided to partners on a regular basis.  A copy of the Constitution is attached for your information. The Destination Swakopmund team of local businesses and skilled marketing professionals has done their utmost to position Swakopmund as an aspirational travel destination. Therefore, the more partners who come on board the greater the value will be to provide more and better deals to prospective tourists. We’ve prepared the foundation, now we invite you to step up and take advantage of becoming a valued partner of Destination Swakopmund. Please send us an E-mail to marketing@destination-swakopmund.com should you wish to become a member and we can send you the application form.